Last year, we looked at 5 unique HR titles that included: People Operations Manager, VP of People, Chief Happiness Officer, Vibe Manager and Director of Employee Engagement. Overall, we saw a slight shift away from Human Resources (HR) designations towards People Operations as a favored title.

People Ops and related unique titles aren’t limited to startups or Silicon Valley, they’re seen at companies across the world. Here are five unique HR titles we expect to see more of in 2017.

1. HR Specialist, Learning & Development

Seen at: Rodan + Fields, Discovery Communications, Mitsubishi

Learning and development is becoming a focus for many companies. As reflected in Culture Amp engagement surveys, employee expectations of learning and development opportunities are high, and more companies will need roles focused on sustaining a culture of learning and development. An HR Specialist, Learning & Development role often oversees employee training, new employee orientation and overseeing a Learning Management System (LMS). The role is also responsible for evaluating the benefits of learning and development programs. This is a great opportunity for a Human Resources Manager to specialize.

2. HR Communications Manager

Seen at: Bank of the West, Facebook, Oracle

In order for HR initiatives to succeed, it’s critical that they are communicated well and understood by everyone at the company. It’s the HR Communications Manager’s job to make sure this is carried out. Typically this role works as part of a team within a larger organization, possibly alongside HR Business Partners and business communication employees. Most communications that this role oversees are internal, although this can vary across companies. A great role for someone with interest and experience in written, oral and other forms of communication.

3. Field HR Manager

Seen at: Shyp, Potbelly Sandwich Works, Banana Republic

A role most common at companies with a large, contract and part time employee base, a Field HR Manager bridges the gap between field locations and headquarters. Often this role has a large emphasis on hiring, succession planning, employee relations and employee law to meet the needs of a diverse workforce. Managing and providing coaching to managers and employees in the field is also an area of focus. The Field HR Manager is someone who thrives on planning and working with a large group of people.

4. VP of Teammate Success (HR)

Seen at: Gainsight

One of the newer titles on this list, the VP of Teammate Success looks after the typical duties of a Vice President of Human Resources. This includes everything from employee onboarding to offboarding, benefits, learning and development, compliance and more. This role often works closely with the executive team, advising and counseling on people-related decisions. The switch from HR, to People Operations, to Teammate Success represents an even more personalized approach to the principles of Human Resources.

5. People Analytics Lead

Seen at: Stripe, Atlasssian, Airbnb

Many companies are looking to hire their first People Analytics Lead in 2017. Often candidates for this role are people who have graduate level or higher degrees in Industrial-Organizational Psychology or a related field. They use data to understand all parts of the employee experience from candidates to departing employees. This role also often utilizes an employee analytics platform, like Culture Amp. A key focus for the People Analytics Lead is carrying out research and providing actionable insights for the business. They might work in tandem with the executive, employee experience, or HR teams.

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