The Daring Way™ for Leaders and Rising Strong™ in Leadership

Vulnerability, authenticity, resilience. These words are everywhere. These are the hot topics in leadership. Bring in an expert, trained in Dr. Brené Brown’s model and curriculum to guide your team in unpacking these complex yet powerful behaviors and practices.


By taking part in a Daring Way™ for Leaders event, leaders will experience:

          • Greater clarity around areas of professional growth related to authentic life and leadership
          • The power of empathy and self-compassion to advance effective teams
          • Critical awareness to cultural myths around vulnerability and how these myths limit brainstorming, problem-solving, and solutions-based approaches
          • Increased resilience in the face of many inner and outer challenges of leading in constantly changing landscapes
          • Increased capacity to remain calm in uncertainty
          • Learning and practicing healthy strategies to use when in debilitating shame


By taking part in a Rising Strong™ in Leadership event, leaders will experience:

          • The power of curiosity to transform how we engage with others
          • Clarity of core values and knowledge of when we leave them
          • Understand how we are neurobiologically wired to create stories . . . even when they aren’t true or helpful
          • Explore the rising strong process of reckoning with emotion, rumbling with our stories, and rising with a brave new ending
          • Increased integration of all parts of your story
          • New tools to support help your team support each other