Hello fellow courage practitioners.

Today, I will be looking at the fourth Guide Post by Brené Brown and it’s definitely a relevant one to the way our society functions. Cultivating Gratitude and letting go of scarcity and the fear of the dark is quite wordy but what it means is that in order to face things as they come and not worry about “what could happen” you need to be grateful for what is, right now. It by no means implies that you must minimize the problems you might be facing, but rather, it means that if we become disabled by a fear of the dark, we will never be able to maximize and fully achieve what we are capable of.  

As a society that places such a high value on materialism it is easy to get into a cycle of not feeling like your life is worthy of gratitude. If you look at your friends or even your close family you may feel like you are very badly-off in comparison to them. However, this is where Brené’s fourth guidepost leads us to.

Instead of focusing on what you don’t have and what could go wrong take a look at what is available to you right now. There is always a chance that something might and could go wrong, but a simple practice of practicing gratitude and journaling these moments practices our brain to see the positives in our lives and therefore carry on with our lives feeling worthy of happiness.  It also teaches you to practice acknowledging what is in front of you right now; instead of worrying about it disappearing. Life can knock us down; it can really take a lot of courage to be able to stand up again and see what good is still around us when we may feel disappointed. Incorporating a daily practice of gratitude is the answer to managing this healing process. 

If you have been through a traumatic series of events you may feel isolated from everyone else, but your story has power and having survived every single day of your life so far you can take comfort in acknowledging how powerful you are. As you go through life you build your story as a not just a survivor, but mainly a victor. Take the time to really see what you have around you, for you will see things are not as bad as they seem. There is always light even when it is incredibly dark. Fear and feeling that you are not as worthy as other people prevents us from seeing things that make us truly grateful. 

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